Istanbul Asset Management About IAM

Why Istanbul Asset Management?

We share the same risk: The most important difference that distinguishes us from other portfolio management companies is that they share the same risk/return with their customers who also evaluate their assets in the funds they manage.

Independent management: We are an independent organization that tries to increase the returns of our investors completely without depending on any bank or institution and without challenging any conflict of interest.

Boutique approach: We create completely investor-specific portfolios and produce investment strategies for the risks and expectations of different investors.

Experienced and compatible staff: Our founding partners and fund managers have been working together in the capital markets for more than twenty years.
Even if investors do not have experience in the areas they prefer to invest in, opportunities are created for investors to invest in the area they want under the guidance of our professional staff.

Fast decision making: We are an institution with the flexibility to make and implement quick decisions.ın this way, we prevent the depreciation of our investors' portfolio more effectively in a crisis environment.

Market knowledge and research support: We combine the opinions of many official and private institutions abroad, as well as the research departments of the largest financial institutions of turkey with our own industry experience and objectively make investment decisions in accordance with our expectations.

Risk management: We have not invested in any öst that has experienced problematic processes with effective risk management since our establishment until today.

Profit / Loss realization: Mechanisms such as profit realization and loss reduction, which individual investors often do not succeed in realizing, are effectively used by our professional managers.