Istanbul Asset Management About IAM

Our Mission and Investment Strategy

Our mission is to create stable and exceeding expectations for our investors with minimum risk in complex financial markets within the scope of risk criteria they have determined.


As Istanbul Asset Management, we analyze the macroeconomic and political situation with the aim of providing absolute returns, and we wait for the appropriate conditions to be created to invest in all reliable instruments that can generate profits in financial markets.

In addition to the investment models we have created with a number of relevant variables to make an investment decision, we aim to create maximum advantage from price movements that may occur instantly.

We take care that the portfolios consisting of the instruments we invest in are in line with the risk expectations of the investors; we offer optimal solutions by calculating the instrument-based, sectoral and general economic risks.

In addition, we use the necessary risk management methods to limit the industry and sector concentrations of the portfolio from being excessive or low and provide diversification on the basis of securities.