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Frequently Asked Questions

 Am I sending my money to the account of Istanbul Asset Management?

It is sent to the customer account opened on behalf of the customer to the clearing custody banks contracted by Istanbul Asset Management, and the financial assets invested are kept by the clearing custody bank on behalf of the customer.


Can Istanbul Asset Management transfer my money or investments to third parties?

Istanbul Asset management does not have the authority to transfer customer funds or financial assets.


Can Istanbul Asset Management invest in any way it wants through the account opened on behalf of the customer?

Istanbul Asset Management is only obliged to manage the portfolio under the terms and conditions written in the portfolio management contract with the customer.


What is a mutual fund?

Participation certificate from investors in exchange for the collected fund in the portfolio of investors to diversify risk by professional managers into account various policy and monetary and capital market instruments that are managed according to the principles of fiduciary property assets.


What assets can mutual funds invest in?

Mutual funds can invest in assets such as reverse repurchases, government bonds, treasury bonds, stocks, private sector bonds and financing bonds, foreign securities, mutual funds, precious metals, futures contracts and options.


What are the advantages of mutual funds?

Mutual funds allow savings to be managed by specialized teams. It allows small savers to get the investment advantages that large investors have in their investments. The variety of investment instruments included in the mutual fund portfolio allows minimizing the risk. It is a liquid investment vehicle thanks to which investors can cash out their investment amounts at any time.


How are mutual funds taxed?

In case of the sale of investment fund participation documents, a 10% tax deduction (withholding) is made on the income received. In case of sale (return to the fund) of participation certificates belonging to mutual funds that have at least 51% of the shares in their portfolio after holding them for more than 1 year, the earnings provided are not subject to withholding.

Capital companies, and foreign institutions of a similar nature with the funds subject to inspection and regulation of the capital markets board's similar to these funds, foreign funds, securities and other capital market instruments exclusively with the return of the increase in value which carry out their rights and achieve gains in order to use the narrow investment funds and investment trusts were established according to the capital market law with taxpayer of a similar nature that are specified by the ministry of finance, withholding tax is deducted at the rate of 0% on mutual fund returns to be obtained from october 1, 2010


What is the portfolio management fee?

It is the management fee charged monthly on the total portfolio value.


What is the performance fee?

It is the allocation of a certain percentage of the return on the return target (benchmark) determined according to the risk preferences of our customers at 3-month, 6-month and annual intervals by the asset management company.


What should be the minimum account opening limit?

The account opening limit should be at least one million tl and above accounts.